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A Family Company

In 2009, my dad, Jack Hogan, started a home maintenance company called EEM. He was always a Jack-of-all-trades, the neighborhood handy man. Although he spent a career in the IT Industry as a project manager, his off days found him either helping a neighbor with a house project, building something at my house, or fixing set pieces for church. My dad was known for his bright smile, his customer service, and his meticulously high standards. These are qualities I hope to carry on now that he has passed. We all miss him very much, but his legacy will live on.

My husband, Lee Emerick, is a fire fighter paramedic who also owns Cornerstone Construction which specializes in new construction and remodels. Lee and Jack worked together on both companies, being the other man's extra set of hands. There isn't a problem that Lee can't fix, and every issue is just another exciting challenge.

Our son, Nathan, is now Lee's extra hand, learning the home maintenance business beside his dad. He has a clever mind and a hard work ethic - both qualities that will take him far. 

Our daughter, Katie, is a business major. Since she was a little girl, she's wanted to run the house, so she might as well manage our company! She's sharp and organized and a super go-getter. You'll love getting to know her!

I am a writer, planner, artist, and visionary. How does that play into a home maintenance company? While you don't want me fixing your deck, I can make sure all your needs are heard and cared for. My goal is to keep our focus where it needs to be: People over Process. My dad had a heart of gold, and we hope to share that love with the people God brings into our path.

I look forward to meeting you,

Becky Emerick

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